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About Us

Oxford City Crime Partnership (OCCP) was introduced into Oxford in 1995 and has grown organically over the years to become an invaluable crime reduction scheme. The Management Committee are a committed group of local business people who ensure the scheme continues to develop and grow to become the best it can be, with members across Shopwatch and Pubwatch contributing because of the value it offers to their business and the community.

We are privileged to link into Council provided CCTV, which is effectively used to keep an eye on the City. The CCTV suite is staffed by Thames Valley Police and go by the call sign Bravo Victor. The staff have an abundance of experience and knowledge and are passionate about supporting our Retailers and Licensed Premises in reducing crime and anti – social behaviour. The use of a city-wide two-way digital radio system, combined with an information sharing agreement has proved invaluable to members.

Management Committee

Management Committee

The OCCP BoM is represented by members of both Shopwatch and Pubwatch as well as stakeholders and other bodies which exert an influence on crime reduction across the geographical landscape of the scheme.

The committee is responsible to ensure all members comply with all aspects of the scheme and codes of practice. Any matters concerning membership and an exclusion from the scheme will be decided by the BoM.

The committee meet every quarter and once a year at the Annual General Meeting. The day to day management of the scheme is run by the Crime Partnership Co-ordinator.

The Chairman

A word from OCCP chairman – Frank Smith

I have worked in the retail and business community in Oxford for over 9 years and have been chairman of OCCP for the past 5 years and can recall with pride the countless incidents during that time that have been resolved through the swift intervention of members using their digital radios and their collaboration with Thames Valley Police.

The partnership is run by a group of like-minded retailers and hospitality managers on a voluntary basis to provide a secure community across the city which as well as providing shared information around incidents and criminal activity is a great support network for members. OCCP is a true Crime Partnership with Thames Valley Police, linking to the extensive CCTV system at Bravo Victor to reduce crime. Joining OCCP is about joining a community, so join us today.