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OCCP support the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign and we are working with all our licence premises members to adopt it to help prevent and reduce sexual violence and vulnerability.

Advice for Staff using the ‘Ask for Angela’ poster scheme within their venues

  1. Offer to take the person asking for help to a part of the venue not in sight of the public or potential threat. (staff room, kitchen, toilets).
  2. Offer to call the person a taxi or assist them in calling a friend/family member to come and collect them.
  3. Where safe to do so (the person asking for help is out of sight and the staff consider it safe) request the person causing distress leaves the venue.
  4. Ask the person in distress what it is they want to do? It might be they just want to alert staff that things are becoming uncomfortable and might need someone to keep watch whilst they collect possessions from the area where they were seated.
  5. Do Not allow the person asking for help to leave the venue in sight of the person causing them distress as this could lead to them being followed out of the venue and placed higher risk.
  6. If the person causing distress becomes angry consider calling the police for assistance or follow your corporate policy on this issue.